The Aeronautics Institute of Technology (ITA), founded on January 16th, 1950, is a Higher Education Institution focused in the aeronautics sector.

The main mission of the Institute is to promote, through education, research and extension activities, the progress of science and technologies related to aerospace field, as well as the formation of high-educated professionals in the sector of Aerospace.

The Competence Center in Manufacturing (CCM), founded in 1991, is a multidisciplinary laboratory from the manufacturing department of ITA. Since the beginning, CCM has developed applied research and integrated solutions in Academic-Industrial research cooperation. The researches conducted are majorly multidisciplinary studies and aggregate the areas of Manufacturing Processes, Automation, Metrology, Digital Manufacturing and Structural Analysis. As a segment into CCM, the Gear Innovation Group (GIE) was created in 2011, motivated by the Brazilian Industry demand for research on gear transmissions.

It consists of a dedicated research group continuously working on technologies of gears and transmission systems, and by its conception, is the only one in Latin America. The main lines of research are Surface Integrity, Manufacturing Processes, and Running Behavior.

In 2009, Fraunhofer IPK and CCM-ITA celebrated a cooperation partnership, considered as a huge success, specially due to the high number of high impact projects conducted by these institutions in Brazil. The cooperation, named Fraunhofer IPK Project Office @ITA, aims at the joint acquisition and implementation of Industrial research and development projects, pooling resources and expertise of both ITA and Fraunhofer IPK. More recently, in early 2021, the CCM-ITA became an EMBRAPII Unit accredited to develop projects in the area of Power Transmission Systems. The Unit acts in a multidisciplinary and integrated manner in the areas of Design, Manufacturing and Monitoring and Control of Transmission Systems.

The scope of research is based on the process chain in Industrial companies and includes sustainable innovations in the areas of corporate management, product development, production systems as well as manufacturing and automation technologies.