Launched during the BGC17, Engrena ITA is an alliance among corporations to enhance research prospections and knowledge dissemination about gear and power transmission systems. Sharing benefits and responsibilities among its members, Engrena ITA assumes the integrative role established by the “Open Innovation” concept. The primary purpose of this initiative is to promote the creation of new ideas and circulation in collaborative action.

The operational essence is the interaction among members, promoted by holding Work Meetings, from Portuguese “Reuniões de Trabalho” (RT). The RTs provide members with the most attractive benefit of the initiative: the capacity to define research directions to be followed by the Gear Innovation Group of ITA by creating a priority list of topics to be prospected.

The BGC21 was the official release of the Engrena ITA “Phase 3”, during which the initiative is providing not only prospection activities but also the execution of research in their first stages. In 2021, the Engrena ITA alliance was accepted as a British Gear Association (BGA) member.

Engrena ITA is currently composed of 31 companies directly related to the gear manufacturing chain.